Student Support Services

         NSW Business College supports students to adjust to study in Australia, to achieve their learning goals and to achieve satisfactory progress towards their learning goals and meeting the learning outcomes of the course. NSW Business College assists students to adjust to study and life in Australia, including through the provision of an age and culturally appropriate orientation program.

            Students may receive learning support through the student support service where they can receive support and assistance in the use of on-line learning services as well as any administration enquiries. This includes:

  • monthly contact with their trainer via email, telephone and/or communication tools
  • website links to relevant websites
  • relevant podcasts & discussion forums, videos and blogs
  • assessment materials and E-text books (where available)
  • website links

A range of personal support services are available free of charge to participants and are confidential. This will include, as appropriate:

  • counselling – general or personal, support and referrals
  • study assistance as required
  • language and literacy support.

            Students are invited to contact their trainer for details and support. Where the application form indicates that participants may have special needs or a problem with English, a language, literacy and numeracy test will be conducted during the orientation session to identify any participants who may require additional support.